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Vee Katanass

Vee Make - Kyara Katana

Vee Make - Kyara Katana

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Blade color


Material high-carbon steel 1095
Guard (Tsuba 鍔)

Finely carved alloy

Scabbard (Saya 鞘)

Massive wood

Handle (tsuka 柄)
strip winding

Length with scabbard


Length of the blade


Blade thickness 0.30(in)
Length of the handle 10.2(in)
Width of the blade 1.2(in)

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We will ensure that all our katanas are handmade!

Vee is committed to melting our knowledge of the world, our knowledge of values and what we have learned throughout our lives into cold weapons without conventional, uncompromising, and putting aside all concerns and constraints to do the best we can. This is what we want to show the world needs our world needs these contents! Knife friends, cold weapons manufacturers, work together, let cold weapons let cold weapons art, shine, bright!