What is a Full Tang Blade?

A full tang blade is an essential design feature in knives and swords, involving the metal part of the blade extending along the entire handle. This design not only enhances the durability and stability of the tool but also significantly improves its functionality and safety. Understanding full tang blades and their advantages is crucial for any katana enthusiast or professional user.

Definition and Advantages of Full Tang Blades

A full tang blade means that the metal part of the blade forms a solid and continuous section that extends along the entire length of the handle. This design integrates the entire tool into a unified whole, greatly enhancing its structural strength and durability. Some notable advantages of full tang blades include:

  • High Pressure Resistance: Under heavy pressure or intense usage conditions, full tang blades are less likely to break or get damaged.
  • Coordinated Action: The synergy between the blade and handle optimizes precision and comfort in operation.
  • Reduced Risk of Breaking: The handle and blade, being a single unit, significantly reduces the chances of the handle breaking.
  • Versatility: Suitable for more robust chopping, prying, and other physical actions.

Different Types of Full Tang Designs

The design of full tang blades varies to accommodate different usage needs and preferences:

Hidden Tang: The tang of the blade is completely enveloped by the handle material, providing a neat appearance and a good grip.

Extended Tang: The tang extends beyond the handle, available for non-cutting functions such as striking.

Skeletonized Tang: By reducing the metal used in parts of the tang, the overall weight is decreased, making it easier to carry and operate quickly.

Encapsulated Tang: The tang is encapsulated by special materials, enhancing the grip and aesthetic appeal.

Choosing and Purchasing Full Tang Tools

When selecting full tang tools, it's important to consider their purpose, feel, balance, and the quality of materials. Full tang blades are suitable for outdoor activities, military applications, survival challenges, and everyday use. When purchasing, one should choose reputable manufacturers who use high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure the performance and durability of the tools.

At specialty shops like "Vee," you can find a variety of full tang tools. These tools are not only practical but also a heritage of craftsmanship, combining traditional Japanese and Chinese forging techniques. Each blade is a tribute to and a continuation of skilled craftsmanship.


Full tang blades are favored by professional users and enthusiasts alike for their outstanding performance and fine craftsmanship. Whether facing harsh outdoor conditions or everyday usage demands, full tang tools provide superior performance and reliable safety assurance. Choosing a full tang blade is choosing a reliable companion for life.

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